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MH Anny for V4A4 HairFit
uploaded 2010.01.17

This Package is MagnetSets "HairFit for Anny" for V4-hairs (geometry for V4).
Basal usage is the same as a general MagnetFIT.

  • Poser is supported FigureHair
  • FIT MORPH for A4 is unnecessary.
  • This can be used for all Prop-Hair (Hr2, Hrz) which FIT to V4 with Poser.
    (With DazStudio, some techniques are needed. )
  • This can be used for Figure-Hair (Cr2, Crz) with only standard groups of V4
    with Poser & DazStudio.
    "Standard groups of V4" means "Body, Chest, Neck, Head, etc."
    Special groups (ex. Buns, Tail, etc.) are not supported.
  • The process of creating MORPH (FBM etc.) from modification with
    a magnet is not supported.
    Please prepare the Python script for creating MORPH (FBM etc.) by yourself.


  • A4用のFITモーフは必要ありません。
  • Poserの場合はV4用のすべてのプロップHair(Hr2、Hrz)にそのまま利用可能です。
  • 通常のグループ構成(Chest、Neck、Head等)のV4用フィギュアHair(Cr2、Crz)の場合
  • マグネットによる変形からFBM等のモーフを作成する工程はサポートしていません。

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This package requires
MH Anny for V4A4 @ Renderosity

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